Route: Adirondacks: Gray, Skylight & Marcy (NY)

New York, US
18.3 mi

David Cittadino submitted the route:

A loop from Adirondack Loj to the summits of Mt Gray, Skylight and Marcy.  About 18 miles.

Forward or reverse loop.  

See GPS tracking in the various FKT attempts for detailed directions.


Unfortunately I don't think Bethany followed the established route as she appears to have jogged over to the truck trail and run on that but it's hard to tell since the data is so incredibly corrupted. Next time record it in run mode with gps pings every second and change it in Strava to a race so it shows elapsed time and not moving time since it is showing a moving time of less than 2 hours because, again the data is so bad. I believe Kelly MacDonald still has the record.

Thank you, Aaron!  We have discussed internally and with Bethany and decided to create a Winter variation and post her FKT with the "shortcut" described in detail in the route description so that others can take this more direct route.