FKT: Sarah Morris - East Weaver Campground Loop 5, 6 (CA) - 2021-06-24

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1h 36m 55s
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Such a fun route! If someone were traveling through Weaverville with time for only one run (or Mtn bike ride), these are the loops I would recommend. And yes, initially I thought the little loop was a way to tack on extra miles, but it was SO GOOD in its own right and definitely adds a special and necessary component to the overall route.

These trails have it all, buttery smooth (fast) single track, a bit of fun tech, flowy downhills and enough uphill vert to make the legs and lungs work. A word of advise— these particular trails reward the early bird with good morning shade in the summer…plus I wanted to run it before the rattlesnakes warm up. ?

Overall felt really good. Had to stop a few times to check the gps and took one spectacular digger. Thanks Nate for submitting this route, and Ashly for getting the first women’s time on the board!