FKT: Sarah (Ports) Connor - Highlawn Forest Trail (CT) - 2021-03-22

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standard route
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14m 50s
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I had never been here before, but met my dad for a walk as a somewhat central location between our houses. We walked a lap, then he left and I jogged a lap as a warmup, then ran a lap hard. Cooled down by walking all the side trails with a friend. :) It's a pretty little place behind the CTFPA headquarters, and as CT Blue Blazed Trails go it is very easy. Some rocks but not too many, small rolling hills, a couple planks over wetlands and a couple little streams to jump across. About 3 downed trees but only one of them was high enough that I needed to step on it to get over, the others were easily jumped over in a running stride. I gave it everything I had... this is a pretty short route for me but it's fun to mix it up!