FKT: Sarah (Ports) Connor - Regicides Trail (CT) - 2020-05-08

Route variation
one way
Gender category
Finish date
Total time
1h 8m 24s
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What a difference from the last time I did this! I felt so much more relaxed. I remember the climb out of the notch absolutely killing me when I did the 1:14 last summer, and this time I felt great! About halfway through I turned on some pump music which really helped, so if you were out in west rock and thought you heard Eye of the Tiger, that was me. Lol! Also, the spot that Alex pointed out to me as a halfway point ended up being exactly my halway point to the second! Wild. I had a lot of those running down the trail grinning and giggling moments during this run, I love those so much! I think Regi is just so much more fun to do fast than it is to go slow. That's not how I feel about all trails. Rock leaping is fun! And you can't leap like that if you're not already running. And I love these shoes and the weather was perfect. Started to rain a tiny bit about a mile from the finish, but up until then the rocks were dry. I wouldn't want to attempt Regi on wet rocks. Happy with how today went, even if I didn't claim a new FKT. Shaved about 6 minutes off my last time.