FKT: Saulius Eidukas - South Sister Summit and Circumnavigation (OR) - 2020-10-31

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12h 20m 38s
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First let me state that I am humbly submitting this as an FKT and realize plenty of others can do it faster.  However since to the best of my knowledge nobody has claimed or published this route that I can find by default I get the FKT.  If anyone has already done it or knows somebody who has please let me know so they can get their proper credit.  As I am not the fastest runner around I'm ok with that and will take it.  I did do a full write up and posted it here:

South Sister Summit and Circumnavigation. 

The route was just over 37 miles with over 9,000 feet of elevation gain and loss.  It has a little of everything from climbing and running at high altitude, route finding, gorgeous views and terrain to be in, sweet single track to run on all set in a wilderness area.  I started before dawn and the route first takes one up to the summit.  Previous evenings weather left some ice on the last ridge so I took it cautiously.  After the summit I headed down the east side via cairns and occasional trail to Green Lakes and from there ran counter clock wise around the mountain.  The section between South and Middle Sisters is a little tricky but having done that section before I was able to get through it no problem.

The run went fairly well and there was an unexpected amount of downed trees to navigate through for 4.5 miles but such things are to be expected on long mountainous runs like this.  I lucked out with the weather and avoided the usual summer crowds hiking up and down South Sister. I did come across four hikers about 3 miles in who were dressed up as various animal costumes.  Pretty hilarious and they were making their way to the summit as I came down. I ran self supported, alone and refilled my water as I went.  There were numerous lakes and creeks to find even at this late time of year.    I know plenty of other guys and gals can do this faster and look forward to seeing what you all can do.