FKT: Scott Elliott - Mt Sanitas (Boulder, CO) - 1990-06-02

Route variation
Ascent of Mt Sanitas Trail
Gender category
Finish date
Total time
14m 40s

Note that Scott reported this to us in 2020.

"The date (day, month and year) I posted this FKT is to the best of my recollection. I absolutely remember the exact time it took since I always ran with a stopwatch, starting from the wooden post at the bottom by the small cement bridge near the shelter and finishing with a touch of the metal pole at the top. I held this record until Olympic XC skier Nathan Schultz lowered it many many years later to approximately 14:35, then Rickey Gates lowered it further to perhaps 14:20 [14m28s, to the best or our knowledge, mid-2000s]. I believe Kilian Journet's record is actually under 14:00 [14m12s according to a witness].

I won the Pikes Peak Ascent eight times, including beating Matt Carpenter one year. I also held the record racing up the stairwell in the Empire State Building in NYC."