FKT: Scott Gregor - Lake George 12ster (NY) - 2020-05-10

Route variation
Standard route
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Total time
13h 11m 36s

This is a challenge to "summit" 12 peaks by any route. Summit is in quotes because the challenge does not require a true summit for each peak. Trails near the summit are accepted for a few mountains as the challenge requirement, see for details.

My route was not the same as the only recorded time on the FKT website, specifically the winter FKT.

I did not summit thomas, it is not required by the challenge.
My tounge range route was an out and back as I didn't have a car spot.
Buck and black were done as 2 separate out and backs. Sleeping beauty and erebus were done as a loop. The winter FKT route has 1 long activity linking all of these 4 peaks.

Snowy on the eastern trails, and the northern half of the tongue range. Mostly hard pack or up to a few inches. Some drifts up to 8 inches between sleeping beauty and erebus.