FKT: Scott Gregor - Mohawk Trail (CT) - 2017-07-16

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5h 27m 12s

Scott Gregor, in establishing an FKT on the Mohawk/AT Loop, set an FKT on the Mohawk Trail travelling from the northern junction of the AT and Mohawk Trail to it's southern junction in 5:27:12 on July 16, 2017. This was done as part of his run of the Mohawk/AT Loop.

Gregor reported:

Yesterday, I ran a loop consisting of the Mohawk trail and Appalachian trail. This is a pretty obvious route as both ends of the Mohawk trail connect with the Appalachian trail. In fact, the Mohawk trail used to be part of the Appalachian trail before the Appalachian trail was moved. After the Appalachian trail was re-routed, the Mohawk trail became part of the Connecticut forest and parks association's blue blazed trail system.

I started at the northern junction of the Mohawk/AT since it's on a road and I could park my car there. I took the Mohawk south and hit the AT intersection in 5:27:12. I then hopped on the AT and headed north and reached the northern junction again in 8:22:41.

The route is about 35.7mi and has about 8500ft of climb per my suunto ambit 3 peak watch.

Here's my data. My strava overstates the climb.