FKT: Scott Livingston - Mt. Ka'ala (HI) - 2022-01-13

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3h 54m 3s
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We came to Hawaii so that Debbie could run the HURT 100. The race starts tomorrow. I wanted to do an FKT on Oahu, but there weren't many established options. Two days ago, we went to Mt. Olamana but an early morning rain storm turned the trail into a slippery dangerous mess. We hiked with the kids but there would be no FKT attempt. The few other FKT options were too long. However, last month, this new Mt. Ka'ala route was uploaded without an established time. 

So, yesterday, I ran/hiked Mt. Ka’ala Sea to Summit to Sea. It was a lot of fun. My blog post covers the details. 

Now that I got this done, we shift our attention to HURT.  The race starts at 6:00 A.M. tomorrow. 

If you give this route a shot, I guarantee it will be hot, steep, and hard!