FKT: Scott Spillman - High Lonesome Loop (CO) - 2016-08-07

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2h 8m 52s

On 8/7/2016, I did the High Lonesome Loop counter-clockwise in 2:08:52. I made a stupid wrong turn on the way up Devil's Thumb that cost me about 45 seconds (following a little goat trail up a creek instead of following the real trail across the creek), so I'm quite sure this can go faster.

Splits, started and ending on the east (parking) side of the bridge:

Devil's Thumb Bypass — 8:17.6
Devil's Thumb Trail — 19:30.8 (11:13.2)
High Lonesome Trail — 1:11:08 (51:37.5) *This section included my stupid wrong turn as well as that perpetual snowfield up by the pass.
King Lake Trail — 1:30:58 (19:50.0)
Devil's Thumb Bypass — 2:03:48 (32:50.0)
TH — 2:08:52 (5:04.1)

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Scott Spillman