FKT: Scott Vinsel - Linville Gorge Hiking Circuit (NC) - 2023-10-23

Route variation
Wilderness Loop (22 miles)
Gender category
Start date
Finish date
Total time
3h 58m 47s

Back to where it all began. Really special day out so good to be back in the gorge, back to where all my passions were grown. Still some time left out there to shave off (not stopping for photos or just looking around and now being more familiar with the route after not being on these trails in years) but really stoked to take the FKT on this route currently. Legs felt great the entire time until the last mile they died a bit and really enjoyed running in the nnormals. Splitter fall weather with cool air, psychedelic colors, and warm sunshine… Doesn’t get much better.

Like I said definitely time to save here and I think I could go about 10-12 minutes faster next go. Wonderful day out in a place very special to me. Go get it folks!