FKT: Sean Blanton - Coosa Backcountry Loop Trail (GA) - 2011-09-20

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Total time
1h 53m 7s

My time this past Tuesday (9/20/2011) was 1 hour 53 mins and 7 seconds.

This was running the loop. with a small waist pack on with one bottle of water, come gu chomps (with alot of caffenine), a gerber knife(for bears haha) and me. no water drop or food drop.

Temps were 55-65 degrees and rainy on and off.

I am a fast down hiller :)
I have run this course about 15 times now and I know it well.

here are my split times:

start of loop to first crossing wolfpen gap road (ga 180) 6:02

Bottom of the hill where you cross over the gravel road and then start the coosa climb... (total time from the start of the loop.. i don't split my watch at the first crossing of wolfpen gap rd i just look down and note it to myself) - 20:30

Top of coosa climb from the bottom starting at gravel road and stopping at fire circle on top of coosa(this is a 3.8 mile section with about 2200ft of climbing with a good bit of down as well most likely 500-700 ft of down) - 44:25

top of coosa(fire circle) to wolfpen gap road- 11:35

wolfpen gap road to the top of the first hump of slaughter(this is the hardest to really judge because there is no clear top to slaughter on the trail) - 13:48

top of slautghter (1st hump) to finish - 22:47

final finish time - 1:53:07

My previous PR was 2:09 and change.