Route: Coosa Backcountry Loop Trail (GA)

Georgia, US
11.3 mi

Sean Blanton posted the route:

Starting at Vogel State Park in Blairesville , GA, the Coosa Backcountry Loop is a 12.9 mile loop with about 7,000 ft of elevation change.

info on loop here:

note I have read a lot of things that denote the length of the trail from 12.4 to 12.9 miles.

The timing of the loop starts and ends where the loops starts. NOT AT VOGEL STATE PARK.
If you walk the approach trail to it which is about .4 miles or so you come to an intersection. you can go straight (sign points to blood mountain), Right (bear hair trail and coosa back country trail loop) or left which goes back to camp grounds. It is right here that the trail starts and finishes. THIS IS WHERE EVERYONE, including myself starts the timer and stops it. you will take off following the coosa trail loop to the right (counter clock wise loop) and finish from the trail that pointed towards blood mountain.

Its my favorite training run in georgia. Runners and hikers alike will love this!
Warning!!!!! to do this loop you will want to drop of water and supplies at wolf pen gap. this will take you about 2-2.5 hrs if you are running and double that if you are hiking. so it is imperative that you carry enough supplies with you. In the summer is is dangerous to go out there alone. SO BE CAREFUL!

To get a good estimate of how long this will take you is to take you half marathon time and add an hour to an hour and a half. you will be walking 50-75% of this.

I usually see bears, wild turkeys, deer, fox, wild chickens etc... :) :) :)

if you are interested in doing this loop email me and I will give you directions to the trail. It needs to be reblazed VERY badly!


Note that there is a Strava segment for this route.


I'm heading to Vogel tomorrow to have a go at the Coosa Loop record! I'll post GPS data from my attempt tomorrow! 

Congrats on a new FKT Liz! I had so much fun doing that loop, I hope you had a blast out there too!

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Super fun, new female unsupported last Friday. Route is in good shape (it will get overgrown on the Duncan Ridge in summer) and going on a weekday meant less people hiking from Vogel.