FKT: Sean Bowman - Tecumseh Trail (IN) - 2021-04-23

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Standard point-to-point
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6h 37m 44s

Nutrition: I started the morning with banana pancakes, a cup of coffee and an assortment of items that I could find in the kitchen before leaving the house. I carried all my liquids and food. I was carrying a 5L Camelbak filled with Gatorade and a few handheld bottles filled with Body Armor. Right before the start, I drank a few chocolate Muscle Milk drinks. Along the way, I ate 1 large Gatorade bar, 2 Cliff bars, and some sport jelly beans. After 25 miles I focused on liquid calories. I had a cliff bar and some jelly beans left over and enough drink to sip on my walk back (hobble) to Crooked Creek Trailhead.

Weather: Most of the day was overcast between 45-60 F. I was worried that the creeks were going to be up with spring rains but they were not. I was able to navigate them well without getting feet wet. The trail was in great shape with only a few muddy spots.

Effort: I really never felt great during the run - The whole way was a grind. I had a really bad cramp in my left inner-thigh and hamstring around the Belmont area, but pushed through. I had to walk for about 5 minutes until the cramp subsided. I knew that I was on pace to set the FKT so I told myself to just maintain pace to the end. The Tecumseh Trail is a beautiful beast and will make you earn it - Best of luck to those who attempt to run it in full!


Awesome run, congrats! I hope to come back to this route in the future and see what I've got

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Thank you Peter - I really enjoyed putting together this run. Best wishes to you and I hope to see more FKT attempts on your end!