FKT: Sean Bowman - Tecumseh Trail (IN) - 2023-03-11

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Total time
5h 46m 33s

I approached this attempt very differently than I have in the past. This time around, I included the support of family and friends. There were four points where I would meet someone with fluids/nutrition including: Bear Lake (10 mi), Plum Creek (21 mi), Yellowwood Dam (30 mi), and Crooked Creek (40 mi).

A handheld bottle and two waist bottles were available at each point. Tailwind was my sole source of nutrition. I consumed a mix of Tailwind and water throughout the run. I wore the HOKA Speedgoat, my go-to trail shoe. Temperature was between 35 to 50 degrees and was very comfortable. Besides wearing a breathable long sleeve shirt under my shirt, I wore gloves to keep my hands warm.

I was dropped off at Morgan-Monroe Headquarters. I started around 9:00 AM and planned to finish before 3:00 pm. Based on prior attempts, I knew that I needed to go after the first ten miles. I came through Bear Lake (10 mi) in 1 hr 19 min. My wife and daughter were playing on the trail and waiting for me! At Bear Lake, the trail now crosses the dam, which is a nice update to the path at the lake.

Between Bear Lake and Plum Creek, I ran into some heavy logging. Unfortunately, the trail is demolished for about a half-mile or so. Fortunately, there were some trees standing with trail blazing. Also, white ribbons were hanging from other trees to mark the direction of the existing trail. I was a bit sad to see this section stripped, but I do understand that some harvesting can be good to the overall health of the forest.

I met a couple of friends at the Plum Creek intersection and got some liquid calories. I came through the marathon (26.2 mi) in 3 hrs and 35 min. I made it to Yellowwood Dam (30 mi) in 4 hrs and 4 min. I had a friend pace me from Yellowwood Dam to the finish. He ran about 50 to 100 meters in front of me. Having a friend out there was some needed encouragement for the last quarter of the run.

A few friends met us at Crooked Creek trailhead for some water before heading to the finish. Knowing that I was setting a decent through time, I took the last mile easy to enjoy the final section. After finishing, I sat down for a few minutes and chatted with my friend before hiking back to the trailhead.

I now have ran the Tecumseh three times (twice unsupported and once supported). This experience was by far the most special and memorable to me. I am super thankful for my family and friends that were out there helping me along the way and pushing me forward to the finish - Moments like these are best when shared!