FKT: Sean O'Rourke - Mt Olympus (WA) - 2015-06-30

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10h 12m 0s

Pantilat's record stood for 6 years until Sean O'Rourke's outstanding 10h12m on June 30, 2015. O'Rourke gives splits below - his ascent time was 5h35m - along with a link to his full trip report.


O'Rourke reported:

I ran Olympus in 10h12 via the standard Crystal Pass route on June 30, 2015. Splits:

  • Start: 4:45 AM
  • Ranger Cabin: 6:21 (1h37)
  • Hoh bridge: 7:03 (2h29)
  • Glacier Meadows: 8:14 (3h30)
  • Glacier: 8:39 (3h55)
  • Summit arrive: 10:19 (5h35)
  • Summit depart: 10:31 (5h47)
  • Hoh bridge: 12:46 (8h02)
  • Trailhead: 2:57 (10h12)

Gear and nutrition:

  • Kahtoola KTS crampons
  • 3 packs pop-tarts
  • 1 sleeve fig bars
  • 6-7 gels
  • 300mg ibuprofen

Light crampons are extremely nice when crossing the lower Blue Glacier, whose uneven, bare glacial ice would be somewhere between annoying and treacherous otherwise. The upper glacier had enough surface snow and a low enough angle to make crampons and ice axe unnecessary. Crevasses are easy to avoid, but apparently block the more direct finishes. The final summit climb from the high-point of the snow felt 5.0-5.2.

Full trip report