FKT: Seth Fineman - Yam el Yam - 2023-01-02

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11h 32m 25s

Such a fun, beautiful trail. It is full of deep, clear swimming holes, historical architecture, stunning views, and mostly excellent trail markings. I generally do yam el yam in the opposite direction starting at the ocean. I actually preferred going this direction as you get the climbing out-of-the-way fairly early and then you just have many miles of fun flowing downhill. Some of it is single track but a lot of it is double wide, service road or fully paved road. I also enjoyed finishing with a lot of paved road as my mind was pretty fatigued. Lots of animal sightings along the way: birds of prey, ibex, many cows and wild boar. 

I took a bit of a risk and only carried a liter of water in my running vest, I used chlorine tabs to fill up in natural sites and also used the water fountains, which are too sparse to rely upon unless you want to carry closer to 3 L. If I would do it with just 1L again. A word of caution for doing the solo unsupported- make lots of noise all the time; there were constantly wild boar that I was scaring off. I would carry a bear bell next time.