FKT: Seth James DeMoor - Grays & Torreys (CO) - 2018-07-03

Route variation
Grays ascent from Bakerville
Gender category
Finish date
Total time
1h 21m 25s

This route begins at the parking lot just off the Bakerville exit on I-70. I always start the route at the old chimney that cannot be missed when you pull into the parking lot. From the chimney, you head south on the only dirt road that goes up, Stevens Gulch Road. Follow this road for 3 miles until you reach the main Grays and Torreys Trailhead. There likely will be lots of cars parked at the parking lot and along Stevens Gulch Road as this is a very popular 14er to attempt in the summer. Once you reach the parking lot you will find the trail up to Grays Peak by crossing the bridge. Cross that bridge and start going up! The trail is very easy to follow all the way up, approximately 3 more miles where you will reach a fork in the trail at approximately 13,300 feet (4,050 m). Turn LEFT on the trail to go up to the top of Grays Peak. If you turn right, that trail will lead you in the direction of Torreys Peak (another 14er). Go left at the fork and finish your ascent with approximately 8 switchbacks over the next 1,000 feet of climbing. Once on top, enjoy your views! 

Note that according to Strava Galen Burrell missed this FKT by just 50s a month later.