FKT: Shan Riggs - Vermont 200 on 100 (VT) - 2023-06-26

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3d 12h 3m 0s
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200 on 100 is a popular biking route but has rarely been run as far as we could find.  I heard a rumor of someone running it in 6-7 days in the late 90's but nothing else.  This is a fun route and a nice road alternative the the Long Trail as a way to cross all of Vermont from Canada to Massachusets.  I ran around 52 miles each day starting closely after sunrise and finished with plenty of daylight and a chance to eat and rest for few hours each night.  We stayed in a cabin for 2 nights and a friends house for 2 nights. I was supported by my wife, Joshuaine, and her Mom, Jo Ann, who rode their bikes and drove our vehicle.  

This was the 26th state I have run across, most of them the long way.  I hope to see someone take on this FKT soon, I would love to see it become a regular running route.

Shan Riggs