Route: Vermont 200 on 100 (VT)

Submitted by Shan Riggs on Tue, 06/27/2023 - 12:21pm
Vermont, US
209 mi

Route 100 is widely recognized as one of Vermont's most scenic highways and is routed to minimize automobile traffic. With nicely spaced town greens for breaks, numerous scenic vistas, a number of long, steep climbs, the 200-on-100 is a true New England classic. It has for years been a biking challenge from the Canadian border to the border with MA, following 100 from Troy to Readsboro. This route starts at the "Welcome to Vermont Sign" close to the Canadian border NW of North Troy and goes south to Troy then follows 100 till Readsboro where it jumps to the southbound Tunnel St. until the border with MA.

This route follows car roads and as stated is a regular biking route. The car traffic is scarce and use to sharing with the bikers. There is a shoulder on both sides of the road the enables running/hiking. If you do this at night/in the dark it is advised to bring lights and reflexes/reflecting clothing to be visible and see well ahead. Remember that foot traffic is advised to stay on the left side.

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I'm thinking of doing this unsupported in Jan 2024 if the weather is good! Instead of traveling south to do a 200. Just a loose plan. Will give an updated message closer to the time!