FKT: Shane Berry - Cheyenne Canyon 6 Peaks Skyline (CO) - 2021-05-15

Route variation
Standard Loop
Gender category
Start date
Finish date
Total time
2h 46m 33s
GPS track(s)

Wow, that was a big effort and I still just barely snuck under Jesse's time. Conditions for my run were amazing; the day started out hot and sunny for the first sustained push up to Apocalypto, but clouds soon moved in and kept the remaining route pleasantly cool. There were some minor mistakes that added on a couple minutes- I had stomach issues, and I idiotically tried to drink a packet of electrolyte powder while pushing hard uphill to disastrous effects. But things are never completely ideal, are they?

I honestly think that my first attempt was a better effort, but lack of snow and a dialed-in route let me drop a couple minutes today. I tried to stay more controlled on the downhills this time since my quads were too shot to make up time on the final descent of my first attempt. The results speak for themselves- I reached Mays Peak 1 minute ahead of my first attempt, but made it back to Starsmore 3 minutes ahead.