Route: Cheyenne Canyon 6 Peaks Skyline (CO)

Colorado, US
17.1 mi

The route traverses the 6 peaks that ring North Cheyenne Canyon outside of Colorado Springs: Mt. Cutler, Mt. Muscoco, Mt. Apocalypto (Pikes Peak Atlas does not give this peak a name, it is located between Gold Camp Rd and St Mary's Falls trail), Mt. Kineo, Mt. Buckhorn, and Mays Peak. The route starts and ends at the Starsmore Nature Center and follows established trails to each peak (please do not create a new trail to try to get to any summit quicker). The loop, including 4 summit out-backs, is just over 17 miles and gains 5,500 ft in elevation - it's a lot of fun climbing and descending. The ridge from the summit of Apocalypto to the St. Mary's Falls trail is included in the route and although it would be shorter to return from the summit back to Gold Camp Rd and avoid the ridge, this is my favorite section of the route and offers beautiful views of Pikes Peak National Forest, so it is a required section.

- Submitted by Cory Linfield



Ran the loop in 2:49:10 today- the wrong turns I took on Cutler, Moscoco, and Gold Camp ended up costing me big time. Cory's time is incredibly strong for the route; I was maxed out at the top of every climb and had to fly down every hill just to keep pace. Hoping I can rest up and give it a (snow-free) attempt next week, but of not I'll be back in October to try again!

Oops just realized that it's Jesse who has the FKT. My brain is addled from all that vert