FKT: Shane Hughes - Uinta Highline Trail (UT) - 2017-08-19

Route Variation
Standard route
Unsupported, accompanied
Finish Date
Time (duration)
1d 1h 26m 41s

On August 19th 2017, I, Shane Hughes ran the Uinta Highline trail with Steve Lindsey and Spencer Weiler unsupported from Leidy Peak to Hayden Pass. We followed Stephen Jones' route loaded in Gaia for navigation. We did not receive any support and filled up water in springs along the trail. We enjoyed sun, rain, wind, lightening, and lots of rocky terrain losing the trail a handful of times.

I used an Epson SF-710 watch for tracking purposes. Just before Rocky Sea with 9 miles to go, I set off on my own and finished in 25:26:41 setting the new Uinta Highline Trail FKT. You can view my watch data on the attached image and online at