FKT: Shannon Surdyk - Tupper Lake Triad (NY) - 2021-07-11

Route variation
open course
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Total time
1h 48m 32s
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Beautiful Sunday morning, lots of other people out hiking on all three trails, which I am not used to as I tend to run on weekdays, but it was a nice change and most folks stepped aside for me. I started on Coney for a mellow start as the trail climbs gradually until the very end. Hopped in the car for the 1 mile drive to Goodman, which is my favorite trail of the three. It starts on an old carriage road which isn't super exciting, but once you're on dirt, the trail is great, soft with very few rocks and much narrower than Coney and Arab, which I prefer. Goodman was followed by the 25 minute drive across Tupper Lake to Mt Arab. Arab starts steep, but levels out the higher you get. There was lots of actvity on the summit of Mt Arab so I circled the firetower and headed stright down to finish. Because each trail is so short I ran with nothing but my watch and hydrated in the car in between mountains. Next I plan to run the triad unsupported for a bigger challenge.