Route: Tupper Lake Triad (NY)

Submitted by jstookey on Sun, 01/24/2021 - 09:10am
New York, US
14.71 mi
Vertical Gain
2,790 ft

The Tupper Lake Triad is a three-peak challenge near Tupper Lake, NY, comprised of Mount Arab, Coney Mountain, and Goodman Mountain. Mount Arab is the tallest peak in the group at 2,546 feet. 

There are countless ways to approach this challenge. One can choose to drive between peaks or use a self-propelled method such as cycling or running. Options include any combination of trails, roads, and bushwhacking to get from peak to peak. The included gpx track shows a rough map of a bushwhacking option.

The route must start at a trailhead and end at a trailhead and visit the tops of all three peaks, but other than that I think any route is fair game. Would traveling a longer distance on roads produce a faster time than taking a direct line by bushwhacking? The variability in possible approaches makes this a unique and interesting FKT route.



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Going to be in the area starting Sunday, may "tri" this one out. I am assuming the 1h47m time is driving from point to point since it doesn't seem possible to get to Mt Arab from the other two in a resonable amount of time. If not let me know what the best route is to run the entire course. 

Did you ever get an answer to this question?  I'm looking at it and have the same question.  Although 1:47 for 14.7 miles is doable, but at a screamer of a pace in my opinion.