FKT: Shelley Doucet - Fundy Circuit (NB, Canada) - 2021-08-25

Route variation
Standard route
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Start date
Finish date
Total time
4h 37m 41s


On Aug 25th, 2021, at 7:47am I ran the Fundy Circuit (48k) solo, aside from a friend starting at the same time as me and running about 1-2 kms together before he took off ahead (he was only doing 21k and not the full Fundy Circuit FKT route). I resupplied with water and Gatorade in three places from my mother. I had no other support or spectators. I carried gels in my vest as my only other source of fuel. It was hot and humid. Despite this, the run went very well. I have had my eye on this FKT for quite some time, but thought with the heat it would not be possible today. I planned for this to be a scouting run (to learn the route) with the intent to come back in the Fall when the weather would be cooler. I already can’t wait to come back again!