Route: Fundy Circuit (NB, Canada)

New Brunswick, CA
47 km
Vertical Gain
1,400 m

greenmts posted the route:

The Fundy Circuit is a great sampling of all Fundy National Park has to offer from the coastal traverse to the interior featuring the Acadian forest, lakes, rivers, gorges and waterfalls, and a few river crossings to boot.  Fundy National Park has a nice description of the loop.  The loop links 7 trails in the park for a distance of 48km and approximately 1659 meters of ascent. 

Does anyone know what the fkt or course record is?  I know there is a Fundy Circuit Ultra but couldn't find the results anywhere.  I recently ran the circuit and thought I had a pretty decent time at 6:13:12 in spite of a couple wrong turns which tacked on an extra 2.1 km (1.3mi) and bashing my foot a couple times.


Results from the Fundy Circuit Ultra are hard to find.  One poster credited Brian Gagner with the CR of 5h36m (2016), but this has not been confirmed, and was superseded in the 2017 race.