FKT: Simon Mtuy - Kilimanjaro (Tanzania) - 2006-02-22

Route variation
round trip
Gender category
Finish date
Total time
9h 22m 0s

Simon spent 12 days by himself on Kilimanjaro, training at different elevations to prepare for the attempt. “I spent a lot of time on the mountain to acclimatize. Actually, I spent a few days in Umbwe, a few days in Barranco, a few days at Lava Tower Camp and finally a few days at Crater Camp. Afterward, I did the route all the way down to Umbwe. I took around 12 days to track down the route and to be physically fit. I rested for a day before I started my fast ascent and descent of Mount Kilimanjaro. The starting point was Umbwe Gate and I went up to the summit and I ran down in order to finish at Mweka Gate.

This time the run was completely unsupported as he carried all his own food and collected water from streams along the way. He made the ascent and descent in a record 9 hours 22 minutes on 22nd February 2006.

It was possible to register this run as a world record thanks to new GPS digital instruments that helped with verification.  The run was recognized as an official Guinness World Record for unassisted ascent-descent on Kilimanjaro.