FKT: Stacey Buckley - Wabash Trace Nature Trail (IA) - 2020-06-27

Gender category
Route variation
out & back
Start date
Finish date
Total time
1d 2h 32m 40s

After Western States got cancelled I decided not to stop training. I did 95% of my training runs solo because of Covid. I decided I would do a 100 miler at the end of the training. Long story short, someone put a crazy idea in my head about running the Wabash end to end to end and it happened!  The heat got to me before the half way point so I just dialed things back and kept moving forward. Such great support from my crew. My girls even got to ride with me a few miles!  My husband is my rock. Thank you to all who helped me through this. I couldn’t do it without you!!!