FKT: Stefan Griebel, Anton Krupicka - Longs Peak (CO) - 2016-08-16

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Triathlon from Boulder
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9h 6m 0s

Stefan Griebel posted his progression chasing the LPT record of Beidleman & Cooney:

Thought I'd post up the progression of my times going after Beidleman and Cooney's 10h30m LPT via the Casual Route:

2003, ~18 hours with Alan Doak. Supported by having stashed gear at Chasm Lake. We carried everything back to Boulder on the bikes.
2004, ~16 hours with Bill Wright. Supported by John "Homie" Prater carrying gear up to the diamond, and back down from Chasm view. Also had vehicle in parking lot.
2009, 10h36m with Charlie Nuttleman. Supported by having gear stashed on Broadway, and a vehicle in the parking lot.
2012, 9h50m with Jason Wells. Supported only by having a vehicle in the parking lot. We carried all climbing gear on the hike up/down. Splits:

  • 3h05m - Longs TH
  • 6h48m - Longs Summit
  • 8h02m - Longs TH
  • 9h50m - Bus Stop parking lot in N. Boulder

GPS track here:

The fastest unsupported time is 16.5 hours by Jason Wells and Brady Robinson. They carried *everything* round trip via bikes from the Bus Stop Bar.


Anton Krupicka posted about his LPT FKT with Griebel:

Stefan Griebel and I did an unsupported Longs Peak Triathlon (Casual Route) today (8/16/2016) in 9h06m, Bustop to Bustop.

Boulder to Longs TH: 2h42+7min transition
TH to summit: 3h28+2min on top
Summit to TH: 0h59m+8min transition
TH to Boulder: 1h40

Strava Track:

There's still ~30min of wiggle room in this for sure, but it's getting tighter. We carried everything all day, except for refilling water at the trailhead spigot and a couple of springs higher on the mountain.


Note that Griebel went back just a few days later and did the Tri completely solo, free soloing the 7-pitch, YDS 5.9 Casual Route on the Diamond, in just a little slower time than his FKT with Krupicka.  Going alone is a very significant disadvantage, since you can't draft on the bike.


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Was trying to put together a list of unsupported efforts:

Stefan/AK: 9:06
Stefan: 9:24
Honnold 12ish
Wade Morris/Erik Sanders: 13:40
Brady Robinson/Jason Wells: 16:30 


Did Roger bike back down on his solo effort? Are there any others?