FKT: Stefanie Bishop - New Hampshire 4000 Footers (NH) - 2021-07-20

Route variation
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Start date
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4d 14h 15m 31s

I set my start date 2 days prior, with weather looking ok, 40-50% chance of scattered t-storms after day 1, which would be manageable, but the weather drastically changed during it - torrential downpours, flooded trails, continuous wet feet for more than 60% of it. It definitely slowed me down due to needing more foot care, and I also had to change my route to work around some hiccups due to weather. I was self-supported for about 70-75 miles of the FKT, mostly in the first half. (Noted that in my strava.) In the second half, one person was always hiking with me, especially at night, when sleep deprivation got bad. I would only take short naps in the car - about 3 hours in total. I was unable to rest on the trail at all due to the rain and conditions. The whole group minus 1 person (+4) hiked with me for the final peak, Moosilauke, which was great, even though I fell asleep on the way down and ate the ground hard. Nutrition couldn't have gone any better - I was eating on trail a mix of sandwiches and sports nutrition, and in the car I had full meals. I did get dehydrated after Leg 1 due to high humidity and being in the sun all day, which also resulted in nasty chafing along my whole torso, but I was able to come back around after Leg 2. Thanks to the flooding rains, there was no shortage of water anywhere. Full report to be posted on my website soon.