FKT: Stephanie Todd - Thorsborne Trail - 2023-08-06

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5h 53m 8s
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This was my first time doing the Thorsborne Trail on Hinchinbrook. Its something ive been wanting to do for years.
I started out from Lucinda at 7am, getting on the ferry over to Hinchinbrook with two friendly hiker women. It jas been overcast and raining but the sun pushed through the clouds as we skimmedover the water. We arrived at the jetty behind Ramsay Bay that marked the start of the hike aroud  8:45am. A rainbow appeared over the stunning rugged peaks of Mt Bowen welcoming us. I was nervous how my big toe would feel - I still had some serious blisters from my first ultra race only a week before. But once I started running the pain faded and i stopped noticing it. I felt happy and free as i usually do running in a beautiful place. And this place was truly spectacular. I was blown away by rugged rocky faces and total wildness of the landscape. Only a few kms in I opted to take the short but steep side track up to Nina Peak. I was nearly blown off the summit the wind up there was so strong. But it was definately worth the views. I especially love the braided patterns  mangrove wetlands make when viewed from above. The side trip took me nearly an hour as I was cautious not to push too hard this ealry in the day. But soon I was back on my way. Through lush forest and along beaches, past giant melaleucas and palm forests. The track was surprisingly technical and winding for such a popular hike. There was a lot of rock hopping, creek crossings and plenty of thick deep squelchy mangrove mud that the track passed right through. At one point near a scrable section, I passed a group of hikers who cheered and whooped for me in encouragement. This put a huge smile on my face and energised me. There was no shortage of crystal streams and waterfalls from which to refill my bottles. Some of the waterholes rivaled NZ tarns for thier exquisite blueness. Just after Zoe falls I managed to get turned around whilst rock hopping up the creek. I only clued on when I noticed that the river was flowing in the wrong direction! It was only a few hundered meters but it was slow going. I was slightly disheartened and getting tired so climbing up the next uphill section was slow, and the hot full midday sun didnt help. But as soon as I reached the open heathy headland and the track smoothed out that lull was over, my energy returned and i could run with joy again. I passed a few more hikers near Mulligan falls, and then descended to Mulligan beach. The beach was flat and hard and perfect for running. I put one if my favourite electrinic music sets on and picked up the pace. I practiced staying present, enjoying the rythumn of running in a sort of meditative trance. I wanted to enjoy every last minute instead of thinking about the fact I was nearly finished. I arrived at the picnic table at George Point that marks the end around 2:40pm.