FKT: Stephen Kerr - Nauset Beach to Chatham Harbor Loop (MA) - 2020-08-15

Gender category
Route variation
Standard Loop
Start date
Finish date
Total time
1h 56m 51s
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Route was well described, easy to follow. As Ryan Kempson noted, this course runs a bit longer than the advertised 11.98mi. My course was 12.6 miles total. Of course, this leads to an odd bit of hair splitting, as my overall pace fell short of Kempson's, though my total time was faster due to the course length (his was 12.77). Such is the nature of the sand here, and if we are following the original route description, then this variability is part of it. I don't feel entirely justified in setting the new FKT, but I think it would be worth documenting here, so we can see subsequent attempts and how they come out distance-wise.