Route: Nauset Beach to Chatham Harbor Loop (MA)

Submitted by bsbaron on Wed, 05/20/2020 - 03:32pm
Massachusetts, US
12 mi
Vertical Gain
0 ft

This is a difficult 12 mile route in the sand, starting from the popular Nauset Beach in Orleans, MA, going 6 miles out to Chatham Harbor along the coast, and then back to the starting point using the winding off-road car path. The starting point and ending point for this route is at Nauset Beach, where the furthest boardwalk to the left (when you are facing the ocean) meets the beach itself. The Chatham Harbor section should be done following the shoreline, so it might be a little shorter or longer depending on the tide. For the Harbor section, run to the western-most tip of the sand (closest to the houses on the rocks), then head back the direction you came. You will end up running for about 1.5 miles, most of it along the ocean again, before meeting up with the car path. Hop on the car path at the entrance labeled 8, which is about 1.5 miles from the Harbor turnaround point. When the car road ends at the dirt parking lot (.3 miles from the finish), take the sandy trail on the right side of the lot to meet back up with the beach. Finish where you started.

This route is 99% sand, 1% packed dirt. It is incredibly scenic, going along the ocean the entire way out. This route is shortest at high tide, when the running at Chatham Harbor is minimized. If this route is done in the summer, you will likely see seals in the ocean on your way out to the harbor.

- Submitted by Ben Baron


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What is the FKT on this route?  

Ryan nice job!! I just saw your comment but I was going to say right around 2 hours. The 2 hour barrier is likely the threshold to beat with this one. I've done it in about 2:15