FKT: Stephen Kerr - Rutland State Park and Barre Falls Loop (MA) - 2020-09-17

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Standard route
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1h 8m 11s

Weather was decent (72°F), humidity 55%, slight smoke from the California situation, but no noticeable impediment to my running. At mile 9 (going counterclockwise) there's a 90ft hill, and at 10 a 60ft hill. Both are somewhat challenging. If I run this again, I'll try going clockwise. Saw only 5 people on the whole loop, and no vehicles.

It's worth checking out the area to memorize all the turns; few are marked, and cardinal direction becomes ambiguous with dense forest surrounding (and particularly with the smoke). I hope more people get out here to run this course, as it's a worthy route. Thanks to Iain Ridgeway for setting it up.