FKT: Stephen Redfern, Ewan Horsburgh - Katoomba 2 Kanangra 2 Katoomba (NSW, Australia) - 2019-02-09

Route variation
K2K2K (out & back)
Gender category
Start date
Finish date
Total time
18h 54m 47s
GPS track(s)
K2K2K.gpx2.71 MB

Trip report:

Been thinking about this run for a couple of years after doing the K2K run back in 2016, so decided a few week back to run the Double K2K
After researching and looking online, I couldn’t find anywhere that the Rtn Run had been done
Right at this time Ewan had messaged me mentioning he was keen to run a FKT run, which was great timing as I was organising this run
I put this one to him and he was excited to join me, which was great to have someone share the experience with
So we decided to book the run in for the weekend of Feb 9th

For the start, as there was no recorded run for the return I had a talk with Ashley Bourke, who is the person to go to for all things regarding K2K, and it was mentioned that I could pick the start point being the 1st to do it, so we decided on using the Climbers Carpark on Narrowneck which is the same start point as the 3 Peaks Run

We started at 3am, which if all went well should get us back somewhere around nightfall
The trail was quite a bit rougher than I was expecting as there had been not much traffic on it over the summer months, so the trip out took us 8:45hrs. After a 15 min Supported stop at the Walls Carpark, from Penny Redfern, who had taken the time to drive out there to support, we started on the Rtn.

The return journey took us a bit longer at 9:24hrs, due to an unforeseen hiccup with getting separated heading up to Cloudmaker, (lessons learned to have a plan in place beforehand ?) we arrived back at the climbers Carpark at 9:54pm in the evening

The day couldn’t of been any better, it was about mid 20’s and overcast with a good breeze all day keeping temps down for us, and we had water available at both Kanangra creek and Dex creek which was great

This run ended up feeling harder all round and longer in time than my last few Milers, which we both found quite amusing ??

Just a very special thank you to Penny who saw us off at 3am in the morning and then drive 2:5hrs out to Kanangra walls to give up support, and then drive back and be there to see us finish, to make the whole run official

Wonder where my next Bucket list run will take me ??