FKT: Stephen Robbins, Matty Ponce-de-Leon, Greg Anderson - New River Trail (VA) - 2019-04-26

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9h 54m 52s
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Overnight on April 25-26, 2019, Stephen Robbins, Matty Ponce-De-Leon, and Greg Anderson completed (self-supported) point to point the New River Trail from Galax, VA to Pulaski, VA (Xaloy Drive). Time Elapsed from start to finish was 9 hours 54 minutes 52 seconds. We started at the trail head in Galax at 7:47pm. We each carried our own food and liquid with a refuel at our "stash" set up prior to the race (we stashed our supplies at the halfway point, the "Shot Tower."). NOTE: The trail description says that the trail is 57 miles long and you will see from our provided GPX data that we traveled 50 miles. The difference is made up of an additional spur (to Fries) that is 7 miles one way. The point-to-point distance from Galax to Pulaski is the 50 mile route run by us and the previous record holders.