FKT: Steve Levandosky - Monoosnoc Ridge Trail (MA) - 2020-09-19

Route variation
out & back
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Total time
1h 56m 13s
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Perfect fall weather. Sunny, dry, mid 40s at the start. Trails completely dry. Conservative on the first hill, then tried to settle into a reasonable tempo pace. Legs felt okay, but never found that top end climbing gear. Tried to push the descents and flats to make up for that. Overall pleased with the effort, but feel like I could take off a few more minutes with fresher legs. A crew was closing the portion of the trail just north of Wachusett St., so it's not clear what the future of this route will be. 


The Leominster Trail Stewards Facebook page said they were piling debris near the Wachusett St. entrance to deter ATV's.  I took a look into this when I saw you mention them closing part of the trail.  Thankfully that means it's still totally open!

Crazy fast time! Went out and ran this on 3/27/21. Wanted to just confirm Ryan's comment that the trail was completely open.