Route: Monoosnoc Ridge Trail (MA)

Massachusetts, US
23.5 km
Vertical Gain
670 m

Submitted by Iain Ridgway:

An out and back run along the Monoosnoc Ridge Trail near Leominster, MA.

Technically the trail runs from the trail head near Route 2, all the way to the East side Sholan Farms. However the final mile of the trail hasn't been maintained so at Marker Post #190, I turned north and ran to the Gazebo, then right at marker post #215 and down to the Trailhead on the W side of Sholan Farms. This makes it 7.4 miles each way. No technical terrain is missed out with cutting the final section out.

The route follows blue blazes and is almost all single track, climbing steely to the famous Kmart View and then over North and South Monoosnoc summits, then around Bayberry Hill through to Fallbrook Reservoir and to Sholan Farms. It is technical in a few places but generally great running, similar to the Wapack trail to the North.

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