FKT: Steve Reilly - Delaware Lowest to Highest (DE) - 2021-11-28

Route variation
one way, open course
Gender category
Start date
Finish date
Total time
56m 8s

I left Fox Point State Park, starting from a corner of a lookout point that was as close to the water as possible, at 1:38 p.m. It was a perfect running day, about 50 degrees and sunny and with only mild wind—a rare gift in late November.

There are a few of ways to travel from the park to Ebright Azimuth (the highest point in Delaware), but I wanted to use the same route that’s on the map on the Fastest Known Time website. Memorizing the route (especially the residential streets at the end) was among the hardest parts of this. I drove it in reverse on my way to the park, which helped. Be aware that there are some tricky intersections, and if you attempt this, please be careful to budget time to wait for traffic.

Although this is a lowest-to-highest route, I generally enjoy hills and didn’t find the slope overwhelming. But be sure to leave gas in the tank for mile 5 and the last half mile, which are relatively steep. I used the Strava app to record my run and I hit stop when I reached the Ebright Azimuth sign. I took a couple of pictures and then jogged back to my car. I didn’t use any water or nutrition on the way up or the way down and was entirely unsupported on the run.

Many thanks to Matthew for creating a fun route that was perfect for my first FKT, and to Stephen for moving the ball forward with a great run. If you do this route between March 1 and November 30, make sure you bring a credit card for the parking fee at Fox Point ($4 for in-state residents and $8 if you’re from out of state).