Route: Delaware Lowest to Highest (DE)

Submitted by Matthew Matta on Sat, 01/09/2021 - 06:37pm
Delaware, US
8 mi
Vertical Gain
670 ft

This is the most elevation gain you can have on a run in Delaware. This route goes from the lowest point (the Delaware River) to the highest point (Ebright Azimuth) at 448’. This area of the state is surprisingly hilly. Technically the lowest point in Delaware is where the Delaware River meets Delaware Bay 50 miles south, however the Delaware River has regular tides that reach as far upstream as Trenton, so it’s basically the lowest point in the state. The Delaware River is a major transportation artery for ships going as far north as Philadelphia.

The closest pubic land to Ebright Azimuth on the Delaware River is Fox Point State Park. It is just under 6 miles away, but will likely take you around 8 miles of running. Part of the challenge is trying to find the most efficient route. Most of this area is residential and can be run on sidewalks. Delaware has, by far, the shortest distance of any state between its high and low points (assuming you count the river as the low point).