FKT: Steve Turland - Bradford Millennium Way (United Kingdom) - 2021-02-13

Route variation
Standard loop
Gender category
Start date
Finish date
Total time
10h 11m 42s
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After the Spine race got cancelled, and lockdown started, I ran round the Millenium Way twice during January (both directions - as it is on my doorstep), before I realised it was registered as an FKT (thanks James for registering it).  Once in thick snow and the other time in thick mud! 

As the forecast was well below freezing, but a fine day, and the ground was going to be frozen, I thought I’d have a crack at a self supported FKT – as the conditions looked good (except for dodging the sheet ice in several places). I started from just before Coldstone Beck above Burley In Wharfedale (nearest place to home) at 6.49am heading in a clockwise direction.  Given the weather (windchill was severe) I was carrying a fairly full pack, so I could be self sufficient and stay safe. Fabulous scenery throughout and a great sight when the sun came up. It stayed frozen throughout, which was hard on the feet, but much quicker than the mud in the lower valleys. I took a slightly longer detour through Denholme (to make use of the Co-op) and then longer again at Steeton having to avoid the floodwaters around the River Aire.  I finished in an elapsed time of 10 hours and 12 minutes.  All in all, a great winter’s day out.  Might give it another crack in the summer when it is a bit drier and I can travel a lot lighter. I’m surprised more people haven’t had a go at this?