FKT: Steve Wallen - 6 Ravine Challenge, Shades State Park (IN) - 2020-09-15

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Standard route
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57m 44s

Ok, it took two tries but I did it! At least I think I got the right route. I definitely hit all 6 ravines, and my mileage pretty much mirror's Becca's from the women's FKT. 

On my first try, I made a wrong turn at mile 1.6 and didn't notice until 2 miles in. I stopped, walked back to the start, and did it again. (The advantage of a shorter route). 

A couple of things were going for me today... I know the trails pretty well (although I did make about 3 wrong turns!), the weather was perfect (55*F at the beginning, 60* at the end). Also, the trails were in great shape, and there wasn't much water in the creeks. 

Clockwise is definitely the way to go... you get to go up all the ladders instead of down, and you get a nice, gentle trail on many of the downhills. 

All that said, this time is eminently beatable. I was glad to get one on the board, and put a target out there to shoot for. I think I have another 4-5 minutes in me, but some of you fitter runners can beat this by a lot!