Route: 6 Ravine Challenge, Shades State Park (IN)

Indiana, US
4 mi
Vertical Gain
700 ft

An Indiana Dept. of Natural Resources 'challenge' to complete all 6 ravines of the Shades State Park. The lap is a linkup of most of the park's trails and the route is listed on a sign in the Hickory Parking lot.



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I (Becca Downs) will break the seal on this route tomorrow, April 1, 2020. I plan to start in the late morning and take the loop counter-clockwise. I will use Strava and my Garmin watch to track my attempt. I'm new to using them and am unsure how they will work with spotty cell service, but we'll see! I also will do my absolute best to maintain proper social-distancing protocol. I've never done this route before--should be fun!

I (Thomas Wartenberg) am tentatively planning on attempting this route on Thursday. I've never done the route nor have I attempted an FKT, so we're gonna see how this goes. I'll be tracking with Strava on my phone, and with my Garmin Forerunner 35. Wish me luck!

Update: It was a failure. I got lost twice and killed my time. I'll try again sometime this fall. 

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It is my intention to try this route on September 15, 2020. I plan to start at the backpack trail and go clockwise, hoping to set a new FKT for men. 

Steve Wallen


I hope to attempt the male unsupported FKT for this route this Saturday, Oct. 17th. I'm familiar with each of the trails but will probably do a recon loop first to double check the intersections and see how the trails and creekbeds look with so many leaves down this time of year. - Ryan Horner

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I plan to give the male unsupported fkt a go soon.