Route: 6 Ravine Challenge, Shades State Park (IN)

Indiana, US

An Indiana Dept. of Natural Resources 'challenge' to complete all 6 ravines of the Shades State Park. The lap is a linkup of most of the park's trails and the route is listed on a sign in the Hickory Parking lot.   The complete route is about 4.5 miles.

GPS Track
6-Ravine.gpx135.09 KB


I (Becca Downs) will break the seal on this route tomorrow, April 1, 2020. I plan to start in the late morning and take the loop counter-clockwise. I will use Strava and my Garmin watch to track my attempt. I'm new to using them and am unsure how they will work with spotty cell service, but we'll see! I also will do my absolute best to maintain proper social-distancing protocol. I've never done this route before--should be fun!