FKT: Steven "Aria Zoner" Thompson - Sterling Mine Ditch Trail (OR) - 2021-01-30

Route variation
out & back
Gender category
Start date
Finish date
Total time
13h 12m 22s
GPS track(s)

After a successful one-way crossing of this route, I changed into dry clothes which I had placed in advance then ate a handful of carrots, brazil nuts, cranberries, and figs, before continuing back amid a cloudy and cold afternoon. For such a well-developed trail, it was vacant all day. Night fell on my return just before reaching Armstrong Gulch. From there, spotting the many signs that mark the trail reflecting in my headlamp became a highlight. With low temps and a sweaty back, I was thankful there was no wind. By the time I reached Grub Gulch, much of the snow I'd placed first tracks in at dawn was melted. A lone set of tire tracks told of a visitor sometime during the day. Always grateful to return to the car, finding it safe & sound. 45 minutes later, I was at home and in a hot shower.

*For more details on this route and my out & back effort of it, see my one-way time.