FKT: Steven "Aria Zoner" Thompson - Strawberry Lollipop (OR) - 2020-09-16

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4h 41m 12s
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After a successful Strawberry Mountain Wilderness Traverse, I stuck around to complete a solo Strawberry Mountain Wilderness Loop, or Strawberry Lollipop. My run went smoothly, however, my Strava glitched. So...I had the pleasure of running this 19-mile loop twice! To my surprise, I beat my previous day's time by 29 minutes!! That's pretty sweet.

To fuel this unsupported loop run, I carried one bag of black mission figs, apple juice sweetened cranberries, and whole dried bananas and another bag of dried mango, papaya, jackfruit, and pineapple; plus 1 juicy organic carrot.

Temps were perfect for this effort, although the air was too smoky to see very far from the summit. Great camping at the trailhead. This was one of the best new hikes I've done in a while. Highly recommended!