FKT: Steven "Aria Zoner" Thompson - Warner Peak (Hart Mountain National Antelope Refuge, OR) - 2020-10-09

Route variation
up & down
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Total time
2h 33m 11s
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For this solo unsupported run, I camped the night before on nearby Crump Lake then arrived at Hot Springs Campground in the morning. At 10:15am, with only a pocket full of snacks and a 1 liter water bottle, I sprinted the first section of the route, keeping pace with a group of four wheelers. Staying ahead of them was tough but the dust they were kicking up was good motivation to run faster. Eventually they passed me as the incline increased. Spotting snowshoe hare turds en route, I summited Warner Peak following antelope trails through the sagebrush, which was knee high at most and not an issue. The view was grand but diminished to the local level by wildfire smoke. The desert air was cool. With time on my mind, I ran back to the Hot Springs Campground then enjoyed a long sit down and lunch at one of the sites directly on the year-round creek. Southwestern soup with apple & peanut butter for dessert. Afterwards, I went for the LKS - Longest Known Soak!