FKT: Steven "Aria Zoner" Thompson - Wy'east (Mt Hood) 4-Point Traverse (OR) - 2021-09-12

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18h 30m 34s
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4 Points in 4 days! What? After driving to Mt Hood from southern Oregon and staging a cache in the woods near Ramona Falls TH, I camped in my car at the Tilly Jane Ski Trail then timed my departure and pace to arrive at Cooper Spur for sunrise. By the time I reached Barrett Spur the clouds were moving in but the views were epic nonetheless. My entire climb to Ho Rock was in whiteout conditions but the temp was perfect and there was a friendly breeze that kept me cool. Although the cut-off trail east of Bald Mountain was open, and would normally be taken next, it was marked with a warning sign of the trail being closed ahead. I continued to Top Spur junction where again, Forest Service signs directed me another way. Thankfully, I was still able to reach Yocum Ridge by following the detour which added 1.3 miles and 695 feet of elevation gain/loss to my day but allowed me to see Ramona Falls in the daylight. Despite the extra effort (which will be required for all routes utilizing the Timberline Trail for "possibly years to come"), I made my goal of getting to the top of the fourth point by sunset and was pleasantly surprised with how graded this final climb was. I saw a bear near the top and amazing views all day. I reached Ramona Falls TH by headlamp then camped comfortably for the night thanks to my cache. The following morning I hiked, sticking to the Timberline Trail, back to Cloud Cap TH where I then took the Tilly Jane Ski Trail back to my car. This 18 mile day turned out to be incredibly scenic as Rainer, Helens, and Adams were out in full glory. During my run they had been mostly clouded. Back at my car, I immediately drove to Ramona Falls TH and retrieved my cache then camped in my same spot for a second night. On the forth day, I woke up slowly then drove back home feeling grateful for the successful crossing and staging of this effort. Thanks to Willie for putting this up. I've been wanting to do this since first seeing it. Absolutely loved it!