FKT: Steven Jones - Uinta Highline Trail (UT) - 2013-07-22

Route Variation
Standard route
Finish Date
Time (duration)
1d 3h 41m 49s

On July 22, 2013, I, Stephen Jones, ran the Uintah Highline trail solo and unsupported from Leidy Peak to Hayden pass. I've heard that the route is 78-80 miles, but with difficulty navigating at night and accidentally back-tracking, my watch read 82.87 miles. I started my watch at the trail marker sign at the Leidy Peak trailhead and stopped my watch when I reached the trailhead registry at the hikers' parking lot at the Hayden Pass trailhead. My time was 27:41:49.

The tracking information for my watch, which has the real stop and start times, can be found at

I also carried a Spot. I sent a test "Okay" message when I first got to the parking lot. I sent another "Okay" message right before I started, put the Spot in my pack, adjusted my pack, took a big sigh, and cleared my head of any doubts. I then started my watch and began running. When I finished I stopped my watch, took off my pack, nearly passed out, nearly puked, and then remembered to send another "Okay" message. My tracking information for my Spot can be found at

I created a Garmin adventure with the tracks and photos from my handheld GPS. I forgot to shut it off for a while, so I removed all the wandering tracks in the parking lot. The garmin adventure can be found at