FKT: Steven Lange - NJ Appalachian Trail (NJ) - 2020-04-04

Route variation
Full NJ AT (72 miles)
Gender category
Finish date
Total time
13h 34m 19s

This effort was my longest distance yet, having done three 50 milers, multiple 50k and marathon distances, I had descent understanding of how to move fast, keep taking in calories, staying in control and suffering of course. The New Jersey Appalachian Trail has been my training playground for half a decade now and it has so many great different features to offer. Zack Price and Ryan Thorpe previous FKT holders on this route both paced me throughout the long journey along with some other local studs. This day hurt and was not easy but with the help of my crew and pacers, i never had a doubt in my mind all day. I was able to shove down one last gel 4 miles from the finish and when hit the pavement the fire was lit! My one buddy Jermey Scheid, a prior pacer recommended i run a sub 6 minute mile at the end, so i gave it a shot and came close hitting 6:21. Too much left in the tank, not sure about that really, some would say yes.The adrenaline kicked in and I knew what had to be done, so there was no stopping that road runner kick. The finish line on the middle of the Delaware Water Gap Bridge is such a cool spot to wrap it all up too! I am truly blessed to be indulged in such a wonderful underground community, it just keeps getting better and better!